When You Get Back


When You Get Back



They will take your head

And you will take a concrete nap

When you get back to the world

And it doesn’t feel the same

They won’t tell you what your name is

You have got no choice


They will take your voice

And you won’t make a lot of noise

When you get back to the world

And it’ll never go away

Time is not a real place

It’s something in the back of your mind


You will do what’s right

You will bring them back to life

They sent you out to another world

And you better play the game

I can’t get myself around it

Someone’s always changing the rules


They will take command

They will turn us into sand

That’s what was left of the world

And we all should be ashamed

Have you forgotten what today is?

It’s the last day of our lives


Music and Lyrics by Guy Higgins