Silver Streak


Silver Streak



Everything I sign with my name

Making more mistakes

I got a thing I need

I’m on a silver streak

And the way it calms me is good

Nothing gets to me

Nothing  takes me down like this sound

It makes me sit right down

Waking up slow never felt so good

I don’t shave

The right way not to bleed

Is that me you’re trying to explain?

When it comes down

You’ll know what I mean


I’m not sure if it’s real

Can we at all survive?

It’s like a ghost would feel

Kind of alive inside

And the way it tears me into

A never-blinking eye

So I can see right through

What’s on the other side

Stick of dynamite wakes me up

I’m an hour late

And were sticking to each others’ side

I can’t seem the way I used to seem

We can’t go back

Should I get up and leave you here?

Because you’ve got me with no time to waste

Here beside me

The way you’re talking to me


Down on my street

I can feel it chill me to the bone

Looks like someone lying on the tracks

Better get some help

Aint no use waiting on a speeding train

Just one night to give a shadow skin

We aint home yet

It’s getting harder to see

In the dark


Music and words by Guy Higgins