Strangers At Separate Distances From One Another

This was the recording that solidified Edge of Jupiter as a 5-piece experimental group.. New dimensions were added by Ben Seyna, and the addition of Jay Rodgers and Neil Polanski. Everything would have to change.


Produced by Saby Reyes – Kulkarni and Edge of Jupiter

(usthissleep, system failure, best medicine, from the outside, red nutrition, satellite burn and es korocas)
Recorded and mixed by Saby Reyes – Kulkarni at GFI Studios

(hausp, counting sleep, surfs, dilation, manacle, system farewell, phaus, up, serfs, trance and camel milkshape)
Recorded and mixed by Benjamin Seyna and Edge of Jupiter at Asininima Studios

Mastered by Matt Guarnere at Whats Real Unlimited


Adam Ferrington
Joshua Gauthier
Tony Gross
Guy Higgins Sr
Scott Higgins
Sarah Love
Phil Maples
Uncle Pooky
Saby Reyes – Kulkarni
Josh Seyna
Luc Thiers
GFI Studios
Heindl Printers
Solid Media Repro
Whats Real Unlimited