Edge of Jupiter has been brought together on this planet, for a single purpose: to broadcast revolutionary and original rock and roll out across the deepest parts of the universe. Here is that rare rock band that plays fast, raw, and original rock music- not punk or emo, not alt-rock or metal- just pure rock. With distortion-laden, anthemic style and swirling, shoegazer guitar layers, Edge of Jupiter summon classic rock and roll from a parallel dimension.

Born and raised in Rochester NY, founding members Mike Satter  & Guy Higgins started edge of jupiter in high school, with Neil Polanski forming the core in 1999. Years of refining and perfecting their sound, while blending drum & bass, ambience, and massive hip-hop grooves into the rhythm section, are most apparent in the bands’ new record, “Planet of the Crossing”.

Machine-gun drum fills cut through haunting bass lines that you can feel deep in your chest. The melodies and harmonies are familiar, yet twisted… But it’s the lyrics that truly set Edge of Jupiter apart – songs about growing up in a devastated rust-belt community; of cosmic, apocalyptic dreams, of surviving on a lonely planet laid to waste. If the end is near, the Edge of Jupiter is here- providing a killer soundtrack.